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李准基、金素妍、柳秀榮和朴河善連袂主演的MBC TV新劇「Two Weeks」製作發佈會在首爾論峴洞舉行。「Two Weeks」講述了被人誣陷為殺人犯的張泰山(李准基 飾)為挽救身患白血病的女兒不顧生死孤軍奮戰兩周的故事。

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原聲帶名稱 : 너의 목소리가 들려 (SBS 수목드라마) OST

歌手 : Various Artists

發行日期 : 2013年7月30日



1. 에코 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)

2. 왜 이제야 왔니 정엽

3. 우리 사랑했던 날들 (The Days We Were Happy) 나래 [아이투아이]


4. 너에겐 들리지 않는 그 말 신승훈

5. 돌고래 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)


6. 두눈에.두볼에.가슴에 (In My Eyes) 김연지

7. 달콤하게 랄랄라 멜로디데이

8. 에코 (Acoustic ver.) 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)


9. Echo Strings Various Artists


10. Sea And Stars Various Artists

11. Breaking Moment Various Artists


12. Sus 4 Various Artists


13. Return Various Artists

14. Don't Forget Various Artists

15. Circus In Court Strings Various Artists

16. Unhappy Misery Various Artists

17. Echo Arp.


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LEDApple 專訪2013年7月報導

1. How did the group’s name Led apple come about?

The first part of the name ‘Led’ is taken from the first part of the legendary rock band ‘Led Zeppelin’ in respect for the way the band took on their music as well as a symbol of honour for the band’s longevity. ‘Apple’ is a metaphor for the ‘freshness’ that idols possess.

2. Please tell us more about Led apple new mini album? What are the differences compared to the previous albums?

The ‘Bad Boys’ mini-album incorporates a mixture of many genres of music. The songs itself sing about different perspectives of love - different ways in which a man loves someone. It is different to previous albums in that we have explored a lot more genres in this album, trying things that we haven’t done before. It also expresses the ‘sexy’ side to Led apple.

3. How would you describe your new album “Bad Boys”? What are the creative challenges in producing your latest sound?

Our latest album is a mixture of a lot of genres that we have a passion for. We do not set boundaries on the style of music we want to produce and this album had a lot more variety that set it apart from other albums. While our title track has our usual band sound to it, we incorporated a bit of Latin to it. The mini-album as a whole contains love ballads, and ranges from slow love songs to upbeat rock songs with a lot of groove.

4. Led apple debuted with much success. Did that create extra stress or pressure in you to do better with your following albums?

It is true that we received a lot more love and support from our fans as well as good reviews from the critics. And it would be a lie to say that we didn’t receive any pressure at all. I guess it heightens the expectation that our fans have for us in future albums as well as the expectation we have for ourselves.

5. Do you prefer complicated artistic song or catchy rhythm fun song in your album?

We try to incorporate all style of music into our album. So there is no particular styles that we prefer.

6. As the title is “Bad Boys”, who is considered to be the bad boy in Led apple?

Hanbyul is the ‘baddest’ boy. Only because he is very kind to all the females that he meets, whether it be on or off work.

7. Please also tell us more about each Led apple’s member’s personal character.

Youngjun tends to be quiet and is quite shy around new people. But once he becomes close to someone he usually doesn’t hide himself at all.
Kyumin is the energizer of the group always in a good mood and joking around with the members a lot.
Gwangyeon is the role model of the group. He is never out of line and is always doing the right thing. He is also very down to earth, gets up early and sleeps early.
Hyoseok is the other joker of the group. But he is very mature and open hearted and listens to others’ worries or thoughts.
Hanbyul is the ‘free’ member of Led apple. He is very open-minded and easy to get along with. You could call him ‘the cool guy’.

8. Please tell us more about your visual concept this time around.

We definitely tried to add a more mature ‘sexy’ and Latin look that suits our title track, Bad Boys.


9. Are you guys worried that your good looks might cause fans to overlook your musical talents?

It is not so much of a worry and we always want to look as good as possible. It is an important aspect for us, but we just hope that our fans will recognise and look further into our musical ability individually and as a band. But we still love the fans that like us for our looks as well.


10. Led apple are known for their live show, what are you planning to show in your upcoming concert (if any)?

We try to have a different concept to each concert we open and we try new things as well.

Our earlier concerts had a lot more ‘rock’ feel to it while later concerts concentrated more on the performance aspects. We are not sure what the concept will be for our next concert but there is no doubt that we will give our fans something they’ve not seen in us before.


11. What do you think is fascinating about K-pop?

K-pop has a lot of versatility. A lot of the foreign K-pop fans are only familiar to the K-pop dance idols but when you look further into it, there are many artists with uniqueness and musical talent. The most fascinating thing about K-pop is that it is a leader in music and what is more fascinating is that many people around the world like it.


12. Where do you see yourselves and Led apple after 5 years?

Hanbyul - In 5 years, hopefully we will have gained more depth and popularity worldwide. If we happen to be able to open a World Tour within 5 years, I think that will be a dream come true.


13. What does Led apple wanted to achieve personally and as a band?

Hanbyul - I want to become a recognized vocalist not only within Korea but also overseas. In time, I would also like to become a all-round entertainer, taking roles in acting and also as a TV host.


14. The members are very active via SNS and even connect regularly musically via your YouTube series, Music Note. How important do you think social media play role in increasing your popularity?

It definitely play a huge role in increasing popularity nationally and worldwide. It could almost be said to be the main way in which we can communicate with our fans.


15. How often you guys update your activity via social network?

We try and tell our fans updates and new info on what we’re doing and what’s happening everyday.


16. Youngjun, as the leader, do the other members often go to you for advice and support?

They merely come. I must admit. But sometimes they might come, from the youngest member to Hanbyul, who is the same age as me, and ask about different things. Whether it be music or their family life. But most of time they are doing pretty well by themselves.


17. Is there a particular trait that would make you attracted to a girl?

Hanbyul – Definitely personality. Someone easy to get along with and someone who can give me support when I’m in need. It doesn’t take a lot, she just has to be kind and understanding.


18. What kind of boyfriend do you think you will make?

Hanbyul – The best boyfriend. I can promise that. I will basically do anything to make her happy.
Gwangyeon – I will be a kind boyfriend and I want to cook for my girlfriend.
Youngjun – A boyfriend that could make a lovely father.

19. If your girlfriend were going to leave you, what would you do?

Hanbyul – It depends on the reason why she’s going to leave me but most of the time I would probably apologize anyway and keep her by my side.
Gwangyeon – I would ask for the reason and then try to solve it. If we were not meant for each other then let it be.
Youngjun – If her heart has left me no matter the reason, then I would let her go.

20. Do you have any plan to promote outside of Korea? What country would you love the most to go?

We definitely have plans to promote overseas and a new mini-album will be released in Japan on the 31st of July. So we will promoting overseas starting with Japan. There are so many countries that we would like to visit and perform in but one of the countries that have caught our eyes is the UK.


21. Considering you have never been to Malaysia yet, what do you know/heard about Malaysia?

Hanbyul - I’ve had a Malaysian friend before and he always said that I would need to come and visit. I’ve heard the people are kind over there and I’ve tasted some delicious Malaysian cuisines before such as Bakuteh, Hokkien Mee and Nasi Kandar. I’ve made a promise with myself that I would visit the Perhentian Islands and Langkawi.


22. Is there anything you would like to say to your Malaysian fans?

Thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support you have given to Led apple. We are very thankful and we are sorry that we have yet come to see you guys. In the near future, we promise to go to Malaysia, see all our fans in person and perform for you.


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(130730 Leda Japan Twitter Update)


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由蘇志燮、孔孝真、徐仁國等連袂主演的SBS TV新戲「朱君的太姑娘」製作發佈會於在首爾木洞SBS大樓舉行。

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計畫10月12、13日來台舉行世界巡迴演唱會One Great Step的 INFINITE。稍早,主辦單位公開了座位圖,以及相關活動場地、購票…等說明。

活動時間:2013年10月12日 (六)、13日 (日) 晚上 7:30

活動地點:新莊體育場 (新北市新莊區和興街66號)

售票日期:2013年8月4日 (日) 中午 12:00 / 2013年8月4日 (日) 下午 3:00

售票地點:華娛售票系統、全家 Famiport / 7-11 ibon

票價、座位圖:新台幣 4,800 / 4,200 / 3,500 / 2,800 / 2,000元





起售當天,華娛售票系統 & 全家 Famiport 於中午12點起開放購票,售票系統會在下午2~3點間做清票的動作 (此時暫停售票),並於下午3點後繼續販售未完成交易票卷,7-11 ibon 機台也會在此階段開始售票。

搖滾區憑序號入場,序號為依照購票結帳順序所產生。不管是網路、ibon 或是 Famiport 的票券上都會標明。而序號會直接列印在票上。於網站購票,付款完成後,可於會員專區的消費資料查詢序號!


華娛售票系統規定,網路購票一次可購12張,ibon 及 Famiport 一次限購4張。

(msn_i_24  Kpopn 、東翼娛樂提供)


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將在8月9日發片回歸的 ZE:A,成員時完確定加入由 BoA、丹尼爾崔、金智媛主演的 KBS 電視劇「期待戀愛」,並且飾演一名沒有戀愛經驗的鄭鎮國。



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밴드랑 콘서트 연습중!! 후우~~!! 빨리 무대 위에서 노래하고싶넹!! 우히힛!!

翻譯 : 在樂隊中間為演唱會做練習排練,我想趕快到舞台上唱歌

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在7月28日下午,JYJ成員金俊秀在上海梅賽德斯-賓士文化中心成功結束了亞洲巡演「XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE IN SHANGHAI」。




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金在中所屬經紀公司C-JES娛樂表示:「7月26日發行的韓流雜誌『It's KOREAL』公開了2013年上半年韓國影片票房Best10,其中金在中首次擔任主演演繹的「胡狼來了」榮登亞軍。



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將於下個月7日首播的SBS TV新戲「朱君的太姑娘」劇組開通了電視劇主頁,並公開了蘇志燮、徐仁國兩位男主角的定妝照。






製作社Bon Factory表示:「開通主頁後,能受到這麼多關注讓我們也很驚訝,因為很多觀眾在期待這部作品,所以我們會更認真地拍劇,爭取拍出一部完成度較高的作品。”



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